Cost Cutting & Budget Update


Budgeting at the University of Michigan

April 2015
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Goals of Undergraduate Financial Aid

Board of Regents
December 18, 2014
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Leadership Voices

Mark Schlissel, President of U-M

Mark Schlissel

“College affordability is one of a handful of our most challenging issues, not just for Michigan, but all colleges and universities, public and private. The challenge for us is to be as efficient and effective as possible with our resources so we can constrain the increase in tuition and then use as many resources as we can set aside for financial aid to maintain accessibility.”

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Martha Pollack, Provost of U-M

Martha Pollack


“We have maintained our focus on the budgeting priorities of academic excellence, affordability and access, and fiscal discipline. This approach means that for a sixth straight year there will be no increase in the net cost of attendance for most students with need. We think that is incredibly important for our students.”

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