Admissions indictments

March 14, 2019

The University of Michigan released the following statement after the Justice Department exposed an elaborate scheme to circumvent established college admissions practices.

We strongly condemn the fraudulent behaviors by individuals who deliberately misrepresent prospective students seeking college admission.

The alleged college admission fraud scheme that has been exposed is alarming and deeply disturbing. It appears that those involved went to great lengths to hide their deception from the targeted institutions.

At the University of Michigan, we use a comprehensive, holistic approach to review every candidate for admission to identify a talented, diverse class of students who will flourish on our campus. We engage multiple readers and reviews in evaluating the full set of credentials offered for consideration.

The rigor of the U-M review process is intended to identify inconsistencies in the application record and help safeguard against deception; if and when they are detected, we take immediate and aggressive action. This includes a formal process to evaluate crime and conduct issues that would take into account any instances of academic fraud.

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