Alec Gallimore, dean, College of Engineering

Nov. 9, 2016

This morning, the nation and world began reacting to the outcome of an unprecedented election. Across a wide-ranging political spectrum, people are processing and voicing strong emotions. On this campus, for many that includes sincerely felt concerns about their own and the nation’s future. Regardless of your political perspective, today is likely to challenge your focus. Given the divisiveness of the long campaign, resuming routines will take time.

I shared with my son this morning that elections sometimes leave us feeling overjoyed and other times cause us to be overwhelmed. A great strength of this nation is, ultimately, in time, we accept the results of the democratic process, and we do so peacefully.

Whether you dismay or rejoice today, I encourage you to engage with one another respectfully. Leaders change, but our community’s values should not. In the spirit of diversity, equity and inclusion, and our College values of collegiality and collaboration, everyone has a right to their opinion, should be treated fairly and valued as a member of our campus family. Beyond our individual outlooks, as students, staff and faculty, let us be mindful of the common good.

The Chrysler Lobby and Pierpont reflection rooms are open all day for anyone who wants to talk with others, or be in our community in reflection.  Individuals who have concerns that merit other support may wish to take advantage of other campus resources.

In this highly charged atmosphere, let us each do our part to demonstrate how in victory or in defeat we are always the Leaders and Best.