BAMN protests

Information on the By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) protests
Nov. 20, 2015

At the start of the April 2015 Board of Regents meeting, protesters associated with a group called BAMN stormed the media table that separates the audience from regents and executive officers. This followed a protest at the November 2014 board meeting when the same group of protesters disrupted the meeting. BAMN advocates for increased minority enrollment at the university among other issues.

In April protesters knocked over tables, spilling laptops and other items to the floor and knocking down at least one person sitting at the table. U-M Police subdued the protesters and made eight arrests.

Most of the protesters are not U-M students, although BAMN remains a student organization. Those arrested were issued trespass warnings, meaning that if they return to campus they could face arrest.

Last week, BAMN was scheduled for a pre-trial on Nov. 13. BAMN had requested that the case be dismissed. The judge denied that motion and bound over the case to pre-trial. The pre-trial has been rescheduled forĀ 9 a.m., Dec. 7.

And then this week, on Nov. 17, one of the BAMN staff members was arrested for violating the no trespass order while handing out fliers on campus.

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