CSG Resolutions and Voting Process

Dec. 5, 2023 – U-M statement regarding CSG resolutions and ongoing campus tensions

Dec. 1, 2023

To protect the integrity of the Central Student Government voting process, the university today canceled voting on two resolutions – AR 13-025 and AR 13-026 – related to ongoing violence in Israel and Gaza. The university took this action against interference with the CSG ballot process only after extensively conferring with CSG leaders.

This action became necessary after learning that an unauthorized email was sent to the entire undergraduate student body on the Ann Arbor campus at the request of a graduate student. The email was an inappropriate use of the university’s email system in violation of Standard Practice Guide 601.07. The email irreparably tainted the voting process on the two resolutions.

Below is the text of the email message sent this morning to all students on the Ann Arbor campus.

Subject: Breach of CSG election integrity

Dear Students:

The University of Michigan received numerous calls to block, delay, or oppose two resolutions being considered by the student body under the auspices of its Central Student Government, AR 13-025 and AR 13-026. 

The University honored the request of CSG that the University not take any of these steps. Thus, despite serious concerns about the appropriateness of putting these types of questions up to a vote by the student body, the University respected the CSG process.

On Wednesday morning, after voting began on AR 13-025 and AR 13-026, an unauthorized email was sent to the entire undergraduate student body at the request of a graduate student. That email, which “call[s] on [students] to VOTE YES ON AR 13-25, titled ‘University Accountability in the Face of Genocide,’ and VOTE NO ON AR 13-26,” constitutes an inappropriate use of the University’s email system and a significant violation of Standard Practice Guide 601.07. That communication irreparably tainted the voting process on the two resolutions.

The University immediately brought this violation to the attention of CSG. CSG declined to address this threat to the integrity of the election results.

We do not know and never will know the voting results on these two resolutions. But, under the circumstances, the University has been left with no alternative but to cancel the portion of the election process for these two resolutions. The voting process involving candidate races and other issues will continue and remain open until 10 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 30. 

We take this action with deep reluctance. But the extraordinary, unprecedented interference with the CSG ballot process requires the significant action we take today.  

Timothy G. Lynch
Vice President and General Counsel

Upholding Our Values

The university unequivocally condemns the deliberate harassment and targeting of members of our community by doxxing, a dangerous form of online intimidation, or any other violation of privacy.

Doxxing is the sharing of phone numbers, home addresses, identification numbers and other sensitive and previously private information, such as personal photos, that could make an individual identifiable and potentially exposed to further harassment, humiliation and real-life threats including stalking and unwanted encounters in-person.

Many individuals, including students and faculty, have been subject to these attacks by third parties.

We celebrate the diversity of thought and ideas that thrive within our university, therefore it is essential we uphold the principles of open dialogue and intellectual freedom. These principles are the foundation of our academic community, fostering an environment where individuals can express their opinions without fear of reprisal or harassment.

We embrace a diversity of perspectives, recognizing that it is through the exchange of ideas that we collectively grow and learn. Respectful discourse is fundamental to the development of critical thinking and a robust academic community.

To that end, we will work directly with those within our community who are individually targeted to offer resources and support and assist in any way possible to address the harm. Those who experience incidents where they believe their safety has been affected are directed to contact DPSS to make a report. Reports of Campus Climate Concerns can be filed through the Dean of Students Office. If students, faculty or staff want to report incidents anonymously, they may file a Campus Climate Report through the Dean of Students Office.

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