Daniel Little, chancellor, UM-Deaborn

Nov. 9, 2016

Many members of our campus community continue to reflect on the results of the historic 2016 presidential election yesterday. It will take some time to completely absorb and understand the full implications of the election for our university and nation.

After some of the harsh rhetoric and sharp divisions of this campaign season it may be helpful for us to recall our shared civic values as a university community. These include mutual respect, equality, and dignity. We have worked very hard at UM-Dearborn to cultivate an inclusive campus community for all faculty, staff, students, and guests that acknowledges our similarities and helps us learn from our differences. We are diverse in religion, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and many other ways. But we are inclusive in our commitments to mutual respect and acceptance of each other. We are committed to sustaining a learning community where everyone can learn and develop in a welcoming and safe environment.

So it is a sign of hope that we can all take pride in the quality of our university as a place that fosters mutual respect and acceptance. This climate helps to model the kind of public civility that our nation will need as we move forward. And our students are often the best ambassadors for this commitment to civility and mutual respect.

President Obama, President-elect Trump, Secretary Clinton and many other political and community leaders have called for unity as we move past this election. This message of unity is highly consistent with our core values here at UM-Dearborn. Specific proposals about policies may continue to divide us. But we can be united in our commitment to the equality, freedoms, and worth of all people in our state and our country.

I look forward to working with all of you as we renew our commitment to sustaining a community united by the values of mutual respect, equal worth, and civility.