Elizabeth Birr Moje, interim dean, School of Education

Nov. 9, 2016

As always, presidential elections occupy a great deal of our thinking and energy. This election, in particular, has exposed deep divides in our nation. Many of you may need time and community conversations to process the entire experience. Although none of us should force our political views on another, I do want to encourage you to talk as colleagues, friends, students, and teachers about what you are thinking and feeling. As you do, keep in mind that we are a community and need to engage in responsible and respectful discourse. Examining our differences with respect is a healthy way to process whatever you are feeling at the close of this election season.

To those teaching courses, please give your students time to discuss the election results.  You will need to be ready to help students listen to opposing points of view.  Please also be ready to help students who may feel unsafe know to whom they can turn for support.

Please also know that you are all welcome to write to me or other members of our SOE leadership team if you have questions or concerns, or if you need guidance about how to work with your students or colleagues on these conversations.