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U-M Regents Bylaw 5.13 (relating to UM employees who seek or hold elective office)

Use of University of Michigan Name, Marks, Seal and Images in Political Campaigns or by Political Organizations

The U-M Standard Practice Guide: (describing policies for governmental service leave) (describing policies relating to solicitations, collections, donations, and material distribution or circulation)

Constitution of the State of Michigan

State of Michigan Campaign Finance Act (Excerpts):

MCL 169.257 (prohibition of use of public resources to support or oppose candidates or ballot questions)
MCL 169.202(2) (definition of ballot question)
MCL 169.203(1) (definition of candidate)
MCL 169.204 (definition of contribution)
MCL 169.205(2) (definition of election)
MCL 169.206 (definition of expenditure)
MCL 169.211(7) (definition of public body)

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