Gunalan Nadarajan, dean, Stamps School of Art & Design

Nov. 9, 2016

Like many of you, I was up late into the night watching election returns.

I’ve seen many of our community today who are deeply troubled on a personal level and I’ve been overwhelmed with the conversation, support, and inclusive discourse within our community. Stamps School remains an inclusive community committed to fostering and supporting the diverse perspectives and people that we are.

I want to thank you for showing up today, for being present, for coming together. I encourage students, staff, and faculty to engage in conversations with each other that enable us to understand and contextualize the election and to do so in ways that are respectful and mutually-supportive and that honor our community values of diversity and inclusion.

I encourage faculty to give your students the safe space and reassuring support to discuss their concerns, thoughts, and views about the election results in your classes over the coming days. These conversations will be difficult but are critical in enabling our community as a whole to help our students who are feeling threatened, scared, and marginalized. We are here for one another. I am here for you.