Incidents at Regents’ residences

May 15, 2024

Early this morning, more than 30 student protesters staged demonstrations at the private residence of at least one U-M Board of Regents member and went to several others’ residences. Activities included placing tents and fake corpses wrapped in bloodied sheets on the lawn, marching and chanting, and posting demands on doors.

Individuals hid their identities by wearing masks. The following student groups, who also have organized the encampment on the university’s Central Campus Diag, claimed responsibility on social media: Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) at the University of Michigan, Students Allied for Freedom and Equality (SAFE) and Transparency, Accountability, Humanity, Reparations, Investment, Resistance (TAHRIR) Coalition. Additional social media posts followed on those same accounts restating demands directed at the U-M Regents.

The protesters began to disperse once law enforcement arrived on the scene.

The tactics used today represent a significant and dangerous escalation in the protests that have been occurring on campus. Going to an individual’s private residence is intimidating behavior and, in this instance, illegal trespassing. This kind of conduct is not protected speech; it’s dangerous and unacceptable.

Two examples of masked individuals in front of Regents’ private residences:

Masked figure recording on residential porch
Masked figure approaching fence


Instagram post from safeumich
Instagram reel from jvpumich

Private residence:

Front yard of a private residence with three tents, a doll crib, and mock body bags
Front door of a private residence with stuffed animals, a doll crib and a mock body bag
Masked figures approaching the door of a private residence