Martin Philbert, dean, School of Public Health

Nov. 9, 2016

This morning many of the UM-SPH community face a political reality that is fundamentally different from the one hoped and worked for. The coming hours and weeks will require thoughtful reflection and a reordering of priorities by all – regardless of vote cast.

True, this has been an unorthodox and rancorous election season – frequently giving voice to the base emotions and fears in all of us. However, public health has always been a higher calling: A calling that requires courage, strength and a need for the foundations of our discipline – evidence, wisdom, and a willingness to serve – no matter the political, physical, economic, or sociological landscape that confronts us.

Nevertheless, before we move forward in service to all, MSPH will create opportunities for students, staff and faculty to share and reflect on the recent past and the path forward. I encourage you to participate in dialogues and conversations that will be held in our school and across campus in the coming days. Our Office for Student Engagement and Practice will announce events as they are organized.

As I awoke in my adopted country this morning, my optimism remains uncompromised.  Why? Because of you. All unified in the singular mission of improving health for all – Unified in Doing a World of Good.

Yours in the peaceful transition of political power.