Statement by President Mary Sue Coleman


I want to thank the Board for its diligence in this matter. It has been an arduous, time-consuming effort, but a critical one. I also want to thank the consultants who investigated this issue fully and who brought a critical perspective to our policies, procedures and culture. Finally, thanks to the many university leaders and staff members who came together these past months to have tough, honest conversations about our organizational behavior, our working relationships, and our processes.

Because of this willingness to share concerns openly, we have learned what we need to do to change. In fact, we already have made significant improvements in several areas, as noted by Regent Deitch.

The hard work that has occurred since this issue first came to light – as well as our new management structure for campus safety and security – will go a long way toward ensuring we continue to have a safe and security community.

And yet we must do more. Safety is a responsibility we all share.

We must all remain vigilant, and report concerns quickly. I want our students, faculty and staff to know this: Please speak up. It takes resolve to do that. But that is the Michigan way – we do the right thing. Period.

We’ve followed a challenging road to reach this point, but I see a clear path forward. I am confident we will continue to see significant improvements, in part because of our shared vision for the future of safety and security on our campus.

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