Resources and Guidelines for Campus Demonstrations

The University of Michigan has a long, proud history of student protest and activism on a wide range of issues.

As an institution committed to free speech and diversity of perspective, U-M welcomes dissent and the expression of the broadest array of ideas–even those perspectives and ideas that are currently unpopular, upsetting, or critical of the university. At the same time, no one is entitled to disrupt the lawful activities or speech of others. As a public institution, U-M is prohibited from interfering with lawful speech, and is required to intervene when aware that others are substantially interfering with or disrupting lawful speech on campus.

U-M’s current policies and accountability measures are based upon both adherence to the First Amendment and preserving free speech and assembly.

Guiding university policies and principles

Freedom of Speech and Artistic Expression | Standard Practice Guides

U-M Principles on Diversity of Thought and Freedom of Expression

The Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Reservation and posting policies

Central Campus Diag and North Campus Grove policies

Guidelines for Use of U-M Grounds

Guidelines for Posting Flyers, Posters, and Other Related Items on University Property

Safety guidance and resources

DPSS: Activism and campus safety  

DPSS Safety Tips: Protest and Demonstration

Guide for managing harassment for faculty, staff and students

Accountability Measures:

Individual Accountability via the Office of Student Conflict Resolution (OSCR)
Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities (SSRR)

Organizational Accountability via the Center for Campus Involvement (CCI)
Standards of Conduct for Recognized Student Organizations (SOAR)

Additional resources:
Free Speech on campus