Scott DeRue, dean, Ross School of Business

Nov. 9, 2016

We have been witness to a contentious campaign and unprecedented election. Though the outcome is known, our nation and global community remain divided. Some of you are hurt or disappointed with the outcome. Some of you have questions about the future for which there are no immediate answers. And some of you are excited about the outcome and the future it promises. Indeed, we are a diverse community with a wide range of political views. Moreover, I expect it will take time for all of us to process the meaning of the election, understand its implications for our future, regain a sense of normalcy and routine, and begin looking to the future. It will take time, but that time will come.

In times of uncertainty, it is our values that must guide us. For me personally, I am deeply committed to standing steadfast for the values of learning and discovery, independent thinking, mutual respect, and individual responsibility and opportunity for all people. It is important that we foster a diverse and inclusive community of learners — where people from different backgrounds come together, listen, discuss, and learn from each other. As a place of higher education, we must hold ourselves to these higher ideals.

Guided by these values and ideals, Michigan Ross will be offering a post-election gathering in the Corner Commons (B1590) at 4:30pm-6pm tomorrow, November 10th. At this gathering, our students, faculty, and staff will have an opportunity to share thoughts and process the results of the election with one another. This will be an informal gathering, intended to be a space for discussion, mutual respect, and learning. In addition to this gathering, there will be a post-election dialogue tomorrow from 1pm-2pm in the Michigan League’s Henderson Room (sponsored by UM’s Ginsburg Center).

I wish I could join you tomorrow for these important gatherings. I am writing this email on a flight to Los Angeles for a previously scheduled alumni event. Please know that I will be there in spirit, and upon my return, we will engage in further dialogue on these important issues. We must hold ourselves to these higher ideals, and together, use the power of education and business to make the world a better place for all.