Services to Students Who Are Military Veterans or Active-Duty

The veterans and military members living, working, and receiving their education at the University of Michigan are a valued and vital component of our campus community. We recognize and honor their sacrifices and value their life experiences as they broaden the diversity of our staff, faculty and student body.

The Office of New Student Programs (ONSP), a unit reporting to the Office of the Provost, serves as the hub for services to student veterans and military at U-M. Through such programs as Orientation, Welcome to Michigan, Arts at Michigan, Parent Orientation, Parents Weekend, University Mentorship, Transfer Connections and the U-M Educational Theatre Company, ONSP helps incoming students make a successful academic and personal transition to the U-M community.

In addition to resources provided to all students, the following resources are available to veterans or active-duty military thoughout their student years at Michigan.

In-State Tuition Guidelines

U-M is enhancing its recognition of military service members by offering in-state tuition to any active-duty military personnel, reservist or veteran, regardless of the person’s legal state of residence. This change was approved July 18 by the Board of Regents. It takes effect in January 2014.

The Residency Classification Guidelines that apply prior to January 2014 are available at the Registrar’s Office website.

Veteran and Military Services Program

The mission of the Veteran and Military Services Program (VMSP) at the University of Michigan is to assist veterans, guardsmen, and reservists in making a successful transition into the U-M community. VMSP assists veterans and active-duty military in their own pathway to the University by helping them navigate the admissions process and military educational benefits.

Transition Specialist

The U-M Student Veterans Services Coordinator Philip Larson ( serves as transition specialist, coordinating services and resources for new and current student veterans to assist in their transition from military member to U-M student. A veteran of the United States Air Force (4 years) and the United States Air Force Reserve (3 years), Larson received his B.S. in biology and his M.S. in Student Affairs Administration, both from Indiana University. He served as a staff sergeant in the Air Force. Prior to joining the ONSP as Student Veterans Services Coordinator, Larson worked in student services at The Ohio State University and at Arkansas State University, where he designed and implemented a variety of programs for services for students. As U-M Student Veterans Services Coordinator, Larson:

  • Chairs the U-M Council on Student Veterans.
  • Works with the Student Veterans of America – Ann Arbor (student organization) to obtain feedback from student veterans on issues critical to their academic success and well-being.
  • Works with other U-M units to accommodate the needs of students who are deploying or deployed.
  • Coordinates staff development workshops for faculty and staff to understand the needs of student veterans.
  • Oversees the U-M Veteran and Military Services Program website, the “virtual office” of U-M student veterans/active-duty military services
  • Develops specialized Orientation content for freshman and transfer student veterans.
  • Develops and implements the student veterans mentoring program to connect new student veterans with current students, faculty and staff who have military experience.

Advocacy on Behalf of Student Veterans

The Student Veteran Assistance Program provides advocacy services to student veterans, including:

  • Provide resources and referrals to student veterans to help them understand and access all services and options available to them.
  • Provide advocacy services to help student veterans resolve issues once usual procedures have been exhausted.
  • Collaborate with other campus units to assure resolution of problems.
  • Identify and eliminate institutional practices and policies that negatively impact student success or satisfaction.
  • Act as an advocate for deployed military service members to facilitate efficient departures and returns.
  • Serve as a liaison throughout the University to identify academic, administrative, and support services needed by deployed military service members.

U-M Veteran’s Connection: Virtual Office for Student Veterans

All prospective, new, and current student veterans and active-duty military —worldwide—can access the Veteran and Military Services Program website. This “virtual office” is a central repository of key information about services and educational opportunities at U-M. The information is provided in a clear and concise narrative that makes the University’s policies and procedures transparent and accessible, especially in terms of how they apply to individuals who are separating from the military.

U-M Council on Student Veterans

The U-M Council on Student Veterans serves as a campus-wide student veterans support team with representatives from several units of the University. ONSP provides leadership to the Council. Participating units include the Office of Undergraduate Admissions; Rackham School of Graduate Studies; University Housing; Office of Financial Aid; Registrar’s Office; Office of New Student Programs; Academic Advising in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts—the University’s largest academic unit; the Law School; the Center for the Education of Women; and U-M Counseling and Psychological Services. Members of the Council have designated a “point person” within their respective units to work with student veterans and ensure their units are aware of issues that might affect student veterans in their transition from military to college life. The Council also provides information and works with other units regarding the needs of student veterans.

U-M Certifying Official

Along with the Veterans and Military Services Program, the Registrar’s Office assists eligible students apply for their VA education benefits. Both offices are located in the lobby of the Literature, Science, and the Arts (LSA) building, 500 S State St, Ann Arbor MI 48109. For more information, contact the VA Certifying Official, Michelle Henderson, at 734.763.9066.

Student Veteran of America-Ann Arbor

Co-founded in 2007–2008 at the University of Michigan by Derek Blumke (BA, Psychology and Political Science, 2010, LS&A), the Student Veterans of America is now a nation-wide non-profit organization that advocates for students in higher education who have served in the United States Military. The Ann Arbor chapter is strong and committed to connecting student veterans/military together, offering social and educational events, and working with campus partners in making sure U-M is a welcoming and supportive place for veteran/military students.

Updated August 5, 2013.

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