Feb. 23, 2017

Earlier today, a website called the College Fix published a story highlighting requests made by a group of students on the University of Michigan campus called Students4Justice.

As part of a broad list of requests made in the fall and repeated earlier this month, the students called for a dedicated space where only black students and students of color could congregate to do social justice work.

The university has been clear with the students that the university will not create such a space, accessible only to some students. The request also violates the university non-discrimination policy.

The College Fix story also incorrectly states that the university is constructing a student center for black students. While the university is in the process of constructing a new Trotter Multicultural Center, the building is not, and has never been, limited for use only by black students.

Since the establishment of the Trotter Center in 1972, it has been open to all students, staff and faculty at U-M and has served to promote a campus and community environment in which all can prosper academically and socially. Read more about the Trotter Center.