Thomas Finholt, dean, School of Information

We have now concluded an election season of unprecedented rancor.

First, please join me in support of our colleagues who have felt and continue to feel the emotional burden of the campaign and the outcome. Second, I want to remind you that the result of the presidential race does not change our unshakable commitment to our shared core values — and these include:

• Creation and maintenance of a diverse and welcoming community;

• A progressive and forward-looking orientation;

• A willingness to take risks;

• And a fundamental passion for intellectual endeavor, particularly around the intertwining of people, information and technology.

As we move forward in service to all, UMSI will maintain a collective focus on our mission of helping people use information — with technology — to make a better world. Finally, please make a note of these UMSI activities/events for post-election support and processing:

November 9 – UMSI Office of Student Affairs: Open Space of Support for Students

Noon-1pm, Ehrlicher Room.

Over the next week, special office hours (available to students, staff, and faculty)

Laura Elgas, Director of Student Affairs, OSA 3360 NQ, November 10, 2-3pm.

Veronica Falandino, Associate Director of Student Affairs and Co-chair, UMSI Diversity Committee; OSA 3360 NQ, November 14, 4-5pm; November 15, Noon-1pm; November 17, 1-2pm.

Judy Lawson, Assistant Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Dean’s Suite 4322 NQ, November 10, 11am-Noon; November 14, 10-11am.

November 17 — the UMSI Diversity Committee will host its monthly community gathering to discuss any issues or topics related to the school or campus climate, Noon-1pm, Ehrlicher Room (lunch provided).

Of course, my door is always open and I encourage any of you to share concerns directly with me.