U-M support for students

Nov. 17, 2015

Dear U-M students:

People in many parts of our global community are suffering. In response to the violence and loss of lives in Beirut, Paris, Baghdad and other locations, we write to offer support and assistance to all those in the campus community affected by these tragedies.

We were relieved to very quickly be able to account for the well being of our students, faculty and staff studying or working in France. Support for our French students studying in Ann Arbor, for others directly affected by this situation and all international students will be ongoing. It is because of widespread use of the university’s international travel registry that we are able to quickly reach out to students studying abroad when there is an urgent need to reach them.

The university shares in the shock of the attacks occurring in Paris and around the world and in the grief being expressed globally over this tragic loss of life. We hope as a campus community we will actively work to support one another during this difficult time that follows so closely other recent incidents of harm on college campuses. These incidents remind us of the importance of showing respect for one another and working to peacefully resolve conflict through dialogue and shared understanding.

We want to remind you that support is available for students through CAPS, the University’s Counseling and Psychological Services unit located on the third floor of the Michigan Union. Students do not need an appointment but can simply walk in to CAPS and ask to see someone. CAPS also is able to arrange group meetings and offers resources through its Navigating a Complex World web page. All meetings with CAPS staff members are confidential.

Additionally, staff members at the Dean of Students Office, the Trotter Multicultural Center, the Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs and the International Center stand ready to provide support and assistance to students and others who have been affected by these global events.

The safety of our campus community remains our highest priority. Suspicious activity or crimes, including hate crimes, should be reported immediately to the University of Michigan Police Department by dialing 9-1-1 or callingĀ 734-763-1131. Non-criminal bias incidents also may be reported to the U-M Bias Response line at 734-615-BIAS (2427).

As we struggle to cope with strife and violence at home and abroad and work to understand more about these tragic situations, it is our hope that by honoring our campus value of expecting respect in all our interactions we can prevent further harm.

We thank you for the grace and compassion so many Michigan students routinely extend to one another and remind you that acts of kindness, demonstrations of respect and concern for the well-being and perspectives of others in our community are most effective in counteracting violence and teaching peace.


E. Royster Harper,
Vice President for Student Life

Laura Blake Jones,
Dean of Students